General Field Marshal August von Mackensen (1849 - 1945) Expand

General Field Marshal August von Mackensen (1849 - 1945)

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General Field Marshal August von Mackensen (1849 - 1945)

Black Wool Main Body & Silver Braid

Note: Shoulder Include with Badges on it.

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General Field Marshal August von Mackensen (1849 - 1945), Parade attila á la suite of the 1st Life Guard Hussar Regiment No. 1 Black Wool cloth, silver braiding, rosettes, and toggles. Wide silver braids on the sleeves and collar signifying the rank of a hussar general. Shoulder boards for a colonel general with three stars of rank. Several loops for breast Stars and The medal clasp. White partially tattered silk lining.

Note: Shoulder Not Include


General Field Marshal August von Mackensen (1849 - 1945)

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