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5th Hussar Belisse Myocastor Border Jacket




5th Hussar Belisse Myocastor Border Jacket. Half White Wool Main Body With Golden Braid.

Note: Gold Bullion Cord Included

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Size guide

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  1. (A) Chest Round ?
  2. (B) Back Shoulder (Left Point to Right Point) ?
  3. (C) Collar Round ?
  4. (D) Sleeve (Top Shoulder Point to Wrist) ?
  5. (E) Waist Round ?
  6. (F) Hip Round ?
  7. (G) Front Length (According your Coat Style) ?
  8. (H) Back Length (if Regular Coat) ?
  9. (K) Back Length (if Long Coat) ?

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5th Hussar Belisse Myocastor Border Jacket. Half White Wool Main Body With Golden Braid.

Available Color: Madder Red , Scarlet Red , Light Gray , Dark Gray , Royal Blue , Navy Blue, Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Yellow, Sky Blue, Civil War Blue

Fabric: Wool Blazer, Heavy Cotton, Jean Wool and write your require.

Note: Gold Bullion Cord Not Include

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