Trumpeter line chasseur a cheval Made for a museum Expand

Colonel Major of Horse Hunters of the Guard

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Pelisse of Lefebvre Desnouettes Colonel Major of Horse Hunters of the Guard Made different types with different furs

Red Wool Main Body With Golden Braid

Note: Gold Bullion Cord Included

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Size guide
Size guide





(A) Chest Round ?
(B) Back Shoulder (Left Point to Right Point) ?
(C) Collar Round ?
(D) Sleeve (Top Shoulder Point to Wrist) ?
(E) Waist Round ?
(F) Hip Round ?
(G) Front Length (According your Coat Style) ?
(H) Back Length (if Regular Coat) ?
(K) Back Length (if Long Coat) ?

 H to H = Wait Around
 C to D = Half Center  or C to C Half Center Around
 H to F = Full Length
 D to G = Half Length

Note: Select Size*, Gander* and Delivery Date* Before Add to Cart

Note: Regular Coat 1 Week / Customized Coat 2 Weeks / Embroidery Coat 3-4 Weeks


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Pelisse of Lefebvre Desnouettes, "Colonel Major of Horse Hunters of the Guard" Made different types with different furs.

Red Wool Main Body With Golden Braid

Available Color: Madder Red , Scarlet Red , Light Gray , Dark Gray , Royal Blue , Navy Blue, Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Yellow, Sky Blue, Civil War Blue

Fabric: Wool Blazer, Heavy Cotton, Jean Wool and write your require.

Note: Gold Bullion Cord Not Include


Good Quality Jacket

It’s a beautiful jacket, really. The look of it is great and it fits around my shoulders.Great overall.

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